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High quality voice narration, music, sound effects and audio production specifically for computer based training, e-learning and online applications. A first choice for audio and narration by e-learning and training developers, training directors, and multimedia developers. 

Interactive narrative becomes even more powerful with the addition of sound design when applied online applications or courseware. 

Experience counts, and experience is why high-profile companies around the world have chosen to work with us. For nearly two decades companies like Chevron, Exxon-Mobil, Enron, Phillips 66, ALCOA, El Paso Energy, The Scaffold Training Institute, Omni-Flow, Mobil Nigeria, Lockheed-Martin, AIG, Motorola, Procter and Gamble, Systran, Cintergy, Tenneco, AT Systems, Johnson and Johnson and other’s have selected the e-learning audio specialists as their first choice in e-learning applications.

Take advantage of the same voices we use for nationally produced radio and television commercials and get the benefit of that level of professionalism into your eLearning project. Tapping into our talent bank means giving your e-learning project a professional edge you won’t find elsewhere.

We are not a home recording studio. We do not do this part-time. Quality equipment and a professional environment make a difference in the sound we produce for you. Acoustically treated studios, top of the line vintage mics and mic-pres, a pristine digital audio path into our Steinberg Nuendo editing software means quality audio in and a quality product delivered to you.

With the technology to provide just about any audio file format under the sun, e-learning audio easily integrates into a variety of formats and applications.

Tap into over 4000 music tracks and over 7000 special and sound effects. And for a limited time, all music cuts are FREE on your next project.
For a limited time...Get FREE music (and sound effects) when you use narration from for your next project!

“We can turn over a project and never have to “watch the pot” so to speak.  We never have to worry if it will be done correctly.  And I can ALWAYS count on timely delivery.”
– David Hirsch, Vice President – Systran, Inc.

Expect to be pleasantly surprised. Our background in e-learning means your project and its goals are clearly understood and because we speak the industry-specific language expect that we will deliver exactly what you requested. Benefit from a company that has raised the bar on e-learning audio.

Convenience and simplicity, means your project moves quickly and efficiently through the recording and delivery pipeline.  Just send us the documents, and we take care of the rest, delivering pristine digital audio back to you in just about every format imaginable.

Increase the effectiveness and retention of your e-learning projects with powerful narration AND take advantage of our limited time FREE music offer.

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